felix @ the social

As a last minute replacement for an absent band and straight from a gig at the Orange Tree Felix sits behind a keyboard like a young Tori Amos. With a pinch of Bjork and a bit of regina spektor thrown in for good measure she haunts the songs with the aid of a reverb guitar like the ghost of music past and present. A dark haired multi talented angel trapped in body of a young woman. She oozes a strange confidence/shyness that I haven’t seen since a Beth Orton gig in Birmingham 10 years ago, if there was a guy on decks this would Beth Gibbons of Portishead stoned and pouring her heart out. The sublime quality of each song is only spoilt by a chattering crowd. But the people listening are caught in a net of pure rapture at the simplistic yet moving nature of each composition. Her announcement from the stage of a quiet song and that if you are going to listen to any tonight listen to this one falls on the deaf ears of the gathered drinkers, but by then the attentive audience is already reeled into a realisation that great music with a painful love still exists.

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