The Proposition

Set in Australia of old, law and lawlessness, racism and abuse, nick caves screenplay is a brutal one yet strangely subtle at the same time. Ray Winstone plays the sheriff determined to capture the one man who has eluded him and will stop at no cost. So he enlists the mans own brother (guy Pearce) to kill him and thus pardon his own misdoings and those of his other little brother. This Australia is hot, dirty and full of flies. Racial tension is high between the invading whites and the local tribal aborigines, who they are intent on culling. Beautifully shot against the outback, desert, sunsets and night skies are filled with nicks haunting musical interludes. The whole thing flows like a sandstorm until the sweary, blood red ending. You get a sense that you’ve been with the characters longer than the hour and a half length as so much brutal pain and violence is crammed in next to the amazing visuals and bed seed-esqe songs. This being nicks first screenplay I hope that there may be more because whatever is music’s loss is definitely cinemas gain.

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