Alligator @ the Golden Fleece

Like a fuzzed up, maxed out Nightmares on Wax with Massive Attack sensibilities Alligator are a funky band to reckoned with. Fat bass lines nestle side by side with chukka guitar and sublime flute work as drummer matt keeps pace with his ever improving drum skills. The lead singer oozes energy and has a believable vocal presence. I want to say the sound is urban without pigeonholing the band and the dynamic does remind me of brand new heavy’s at their heaviest. There are parallels with Miss. Dynamite and George Clinton and it’s a heady mix of funkster fun. Probably more suited to a Saturday night crowd than a Sunday they still win over the crowd with a genuine nature to want to provide entertainment. The second to last song has single written all over it and the last a sketch of a song unfinished shows that they play for the audience as well as themselves. The funkiest Sunday since the last one. Top work. 
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