st.patrick’s day.

So here we are again, another St.Patricks day. Except the night of the 17th march was relatively quiet, why? Because everyone was absolutely slaughtered by about half four. I walked to the supermarket to get some bread only to have to step over people in ridiculous hats shaped like pints. I don’t understand why everyone try’s to weave some elaborate story to justify why they should be getting w*nkered, ‘well my uncle used to be in the army with this guys who’s mums dog was brought off an Irish peddler in 1953 so that makes me a 7th Irish so mines a Guinness to be sure’. You are about as Irish as fucking Bruce lee, admit you just want to get blind drunk or take the stupid hat off and shut up. Having a beer associated with your day certainly gets you remembered, who knows when St.Joans day is? No one dresses up like a chicken at Easter because there is no drink linked to it, no one goes potty on pancake day because there is no drink linked to it, but come paddy’s day and every twat is dressed up as a leprechaun and drowning themselves in the black stuff. Link in a beverage and you’ve got a piss up on your hands. Or just admit you like a drink, have one and stop acting like a c*nt.

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