love thy neighbour?

Walking through my hometown on a Friday or Saturday night and I feel like I’d rather walk through Baghdad at the height of the war. It’s dirty and violent, loud and obnoxious. No wonder people are frightened to go out, there is no such thing as a quiet drink anymore. But the problem or so we are told is binge drinking, well I disagree, of course alcohol fuels the actions but I think its down to intolerance of our fellow man. People just don’t like each other, love thy neighbour hasn’t been relevant for years, if someone is different then its seen as bad. Where cultures clash and alcohol is served along with pride in front of peers and suitors, people turn into animals preying on the weaker ones. I saw three women look down their noses and ridicule a Goth just because he was wearing a dog collar and make-up. He was doing nothing wrong, just sharing the same streets as them. The thing is if this carries on it with lead to segregation like in 1950’s America when coloureds had to sit in a certain place on the buses. People just need to understand that we all share the world we live in, I know its over populated and you may not agree with the way some lead their lives but if you can just tolerate them then we can all start to get along.

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