Good night and good luck

This film is obviously a labour of love for director George Clooney, it seems his dad was involved in the actual historical events that this film portrays. The film tells the story of Ed Murrow as he starts a crusade against senator McCarthy and his witch-hunt of supposed communists in fifties America. Produced, adapted, directed and starring the talented Mr.Clooney it probably won’t win best picture at this years Oscars, that has brokebacks name all over it. Filmed in black and white and cut with actual footage of the time it shows how CBS and primarily Murrow started the downfall of McCarthy and his dubious methods. The whole film is a haze of smoke as cigarettes and pipes constantly fill the tiny T.V. studios with a noir-ish fug. With a sleazy jazz soundscape adding to the mood this is more of a document of the time than a film. It is expertly handled by Clooney who gets the most out of an impressive cast that includes Jeff Daniels and Robert Downy Jr. But the show belongs to David Strathairn as Murrow with his dry but silky smooth delivery. Clocking in at an hour and a half its over pretty quickly when everything we’ve seen lately has been epic. But what it lack in length it makes up for in weight and sheer style. It’s a hearty subject matter but so well done it is a joy not a task to watch.

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